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This Week in Jobs: The Meetup Supreme

Super Meetup 2020 has arrived.

Matthew Lavin giving an educational talk in Summer 2018. (Photo by Rebecca Lee)

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The Sitch

Super Meetup, for those unfamiliar, is a magical event where, through the sorcery of mingling, hundreds of local technologists and dozens of local tech companies become one. Well, kind of. It’s a networking event.

And this year, like a great mullet, our annual stunner — Super Meetup 2020 — promises to be business in the front, party in the back. As in, you can wear anything you want below the chest — a kilt, flippy floppies — because this baby is entirely virtual.

The Deets

That’s right, this Thursday, Aug. 13, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. EST, the mid-Atlantic meetup of all meetups is coming straight to your home (or boat, or … you know, place of Wi-Fi) for the thrilling trifecta of tech opportunities: professional networking, lightning tech talks and trivia.

First things first, register to attend this highly anticipated — or “super,” if we may — annual event.

Second things second, because that’s when second things come, take a deep dive into a handful of the hiring tech companies that will be gracing your screens on Thursday.

Looking to research every single company in attendance so that you can digitally dominate this year’s event? We like you already. Here’s the full monty:


Baltimore, D.C. and Pittsburgh:

The End

Be there or be square, folks. See you on the Zoom.

Happy job hunting!

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