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This Week in Jobs DMV: Sweet Tooth Edition

Brick-and-mortar brittle, jobs and more.

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Brittle Me This

This sugar rush was more like a marathon: After nearly a decade of selling sought-after candy brittle, Natasha Wainwright is opening a brick-and-mortar store in Hamilton.

The store sells 40 of its popular brittle varieties — “from pumpkin spice to banana split,” Baltimore Magazine reports. It’s also the only — and, before too long, hopefully only the first — woman- and Black-owned commercial kitchen in Baltimore.

After you finish those resumes or cover letters, this sounds like just the spot for a sweet reward.

The News

This one’s for the scribes: DC is hiring a Lead Reporter (as in leading, not leaden), to cover the tech scene in the DMV. You’ll be following the major players who make the region’s tech economy tick, the startup founders building the big companies of tomorrow, how local technologists can advance their careers and the best workplaces to hire them, and much more.

Maryland is set to become the first state in the nation to tax digital advertising. Funds from the new tax regime will go toward the state’s education coffers. Here are four things to watch to learn how the tax may affect your business.

Baltimore is one of the largest cities in the country, yet nearly half of the city’s residents still live without high-speed internet. Johns Hopkins University calculated what it will take to close this digital divide — and finally deliver tech equity to hundreds of thousands of underserved residents.

The Jobs





The End

Brittle, candy, Baby Ruth bars — ah, yes, Babe Ruth. The Baltimore Ruth Birthplace and Museum is hosting a three-day online celebration of Maryland’s sports heritage, from Feb. 23 to 25. Here’s hoping your job applications knock it out of the park.

Good luck out there on the job hunt!

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