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This Week in Jobs DMV: Spooktacular Edition

Scares, jobs and more.

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Eyes on the Road

COVID-19 has put the kibosh on any number of haunted houses this Halloween season. But folks craving a scare can still get their scream on. Venues in Maryland and NoVa are offering drive-thru hauntings — a uniquely stressful affair that combines the thrill of being chased by chainsaw-wielding cannibal clowns with the anxiety of trying not to run anyone over.

Very similar to the kind of affair that combines the fear and potential awkwardness of interviewing over Zoom with the anxiety of the Wi-Fi cutting out, freezing on a frame of your face stuck in an unflattering expression. And it just sits there, endlessly, like a chainsaw-wielding career cannibal.

But let’s think positively, shall we? Onto the jobs!

The News

We put out the call, you answered. The 2020 Awards honored a half-dozen tech companies and organizations in Baltimore doing good work for the region. Honorees range from Johns Hopkins, whose COVID-19 dashboard fast became an indispensable resource amid the pandemic, to Hungry Harvest, fighting food waste and hunger. This is the dose of inspiration we’ve been looking for.

A good story is hard to beat. That’s why Acquired Data Solutions in Rockville, MD, has partnered with Edge of Yesterday Media to harness the power of storytelling to teach STEM. The team’s MASTERY program aims to teach young people tech skills through an interactive, narrative-driven platform.

A city on its own can’t stop COVID. What it can do, however, in addition to helping slow the spread, is make sure all its citizens can get the resources they need — and that includes digital resources. Digital Equity Coalition cofounder Adam Echelman is calling on Baltimore’s next mayor to close the digital divide, which means developing a long-term strategy to expand digital literacy, device and broadband access.

The Jobs





The End

Both hauntings have posted “Monsters Wanted” signs. Scaring the pants off people does seem therapeutic.

Good luck out there on the job hunt!

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