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This Week in Jobs DMV: GIF Edition

Soft-gs, jobs and more.

Ruh roh. (Gif via

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Welcome to Jurassic Parking

TWIJ is living in 3020: We’ve got GIFs. And to celebrate our push to the future, we’re taking things prehistoric.

Dinosaurs and volcanoes have taken over the parking lot at RFK Stadium in D.C. For $49 a car — or better yet, a Jeep Wrangler — take a self-guided safari past spinosauri and, for some reason, megalodons. You’ll need to supply your own roars, as high-pitch squeaks from the silent dinos betray a need for WD-40.

In spite of COVID, life, uh, finds a way to get us out of our houses — and provide much-needed breaks from those cover letters. Hopefully it’ll have you feeling:

The News

Learn how to make your organization mission-driven: ADVANCE, from’s sister site Generocity, is returning for its second annual conference, featuring the ideas, organizations and professionals that drive smarter impact. Featured speakers and panelists will explore how they tackle today’s toughest challenges, with a particular focus on this year’s theme, “Resilience and Recovery.” Learn more and register for the free virtual event here.

The election is (finally!) over. So what does President-elect Joe Biden’s win mean for Maryland’s economy?’s Stephen Babcock talked with expert economists about the implications of a divided government in D.C., recovery from COVID-19 and the financial crisis, and the implications for businesses across the DMV.

Cue up some Rhythm Heritage and loosen those fingers: With companies working remotely for the foreseeable future, a Maryland business group launched a Cyber SWAT Team to combat the ne’er-do-wells of the cyber world. The team manages a free incident assistance hotline for businesses struck by digital bad actors. If only the hold music could match the legendary ‘70s theme song.

The Jobs





The End

That’s it! Hopefully you won’t see your company’s IT infrastructure at Jurassic Quest (you know, because the tech is prehistoric). Good luck out there on the job hunt and stay safe!


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