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Looking to land a new role? How to Get a Tech Job Month is here

This November, look out for stories from about leveling up skills, pivoting within the industry (or entering it for the first time), and The Great Resignation. What do you need to get hired?

Into the tech job search. (Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels)

This editorial article is a part of How to Get a Tech Job Month of's editorial calendar. This month’s theme is underwritten by Flatiron School. This story was independently reported and not reviewed by Flatiron before publication.

It seems like it should be easier than ever to get a tech job. Take this headline we published in August as evidence: “We are in one of the hottest tech job markets since the dot-com era.”

Indeed, the market has proven itself resilient, with tech sector employment rising steadily to pass its pre-pandemic levels following a March 2020 dip. Bootcamps are more popular than ever, enabling career changers or those who never attended college to develop coveted coding skills within just a few months. Meanwhile, the skills that are in demand are very in demand — hi, cybersecurity talent shortage.

But a job search is still a job search. You might be on the hunt because of the promise of a higher salary, or a new challenge. Of course, you also might be looking amid a second wave of pandemic layoffs.

If you’re looking to pivot within the industry — or enter it for the first time — where do you start?

In November 2021, How to Get a Tech Job Month, is focusing extra reporting on the state of tech employment across our five markets and nationally. That includes The Great Resignation, professional development for technologists, skills and salary trends, and the like.

Some questions we’ll seek to answer: What skills are needed to enter the tech workforce of 2021, and how does one obtain them? How can companies ensure an equitable hiring process? What effects of The Great Resignation will linger beyond the pandemic? What are the essential technical skills of tomorrow?

To get a taste, check some recent tech job trend stories we’ve written:

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