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As a recession looms, DC remains a stronghold for tech jobs

The latest CompTIA report found that DC is the number three metro area for tech employment.

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This editorial article is a part of State of Local Tech Month of’s editorial calendar.

As we all try to suss out where the economy will turn next, it always helps to feel like you’re in a good place. And if you’ve got a tech gig in the DC and Baltimore areas, you can probably take a weight off your shoulder.

According to the latest CompTIA report on tech jobs in the US, Maryland, Virginia and DC are some of the top places to have them. Despite numerous economic uncertainties, salaries are strong, new roles are opening and tech is booming in the overall economy. At the same time, the region is also a top spot for technologists of color and diversity in the workforce.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the latest CompTIA report on tech jobs:

  • DC is the #3 metro for tech employment, behind New York and Los Angeles
  • DC and Maryland have some of the highest rates of Black technologists in the workforce. Black technologists made up 27% of the tech workforce in DC and 22% in Maryland.
  • Residents in DC, Mayland and Virginia are some of the most likely people in the country to hold tech jobs. At number two in the country, 9.3% of DC’s employment concentration are tech workers, while Virginia and Maryland boast 8.7% and 7.9%, respectively.

In DC, things are looking pretty bright. Emerging tech roles are the second highest in the country at 63,469 (meaning it’s a good place for newbies). Tech employment makes up 10.9% of overall net employment, and the tech sector has an economic impact of about $75.6 billion. The average median wage for tech workers is also $119,158, which is 95% higher than the median metro wage.

In Maryland, net employment in the tech sector is at 222,031 with a $36.6 billion economic impact, and workers are making 123% higher than the median state wage at $109,357. Meanwhile, Virginia’s net tech employment sits at 358,713 (8.7% of the overall workforce) with a $61.9 billion economic impact. The median tech wage is $109,646 — 138% higher than the median state wage. Plus, Virginia is also first in the diversity index quartile of tech workers.

In addition, both DC, Maryland and Virginia are growing in tech jobs for 2023. Virginia is projected to add 7,579 jobs in 2023, with Maryland adding 5,109 and 1,525 in DC.

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