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State of Local Tech Month 2023

How healthy are local tech communities at this stage of the pandemic? Which meetups and other professional hubs are most active and thriving? How are city centers recovering from pandemic-prompted economic setbacks, or not?

In May 2023, Technical.ly is examining the state of both local tech economies and local tech communities, and how they interact with each other. Expect reporting on which industries are most thriving in each of our markets; lingering fallout from Silicon Valley Bank's demise; hiring and workplace culture trends; and the like. We'll also seek to address what local means now, and why where we work matters.

As usual, we'll publish explainers and guest commentary from experts and those with lived experience. Plus, in the next few weeks, look for the 2023 editions of Technical.ly’s annual RealLIST Connectors tracking the most connective tech community members in each of our markets, as well as the return of Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast.

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