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Comcast announces expansion of low-cost internet program in DC

The media giant is also launching Internet Essentials Learning Zones in every D.C. ward and piloting a program for low-income seniors starting in January 2019.

Comcast's David L. Cohen announces a handful of initiatives meant to bridge D.C.'s digital divide.

(Photo by Michelai Graham)

After Comcast announced that its Internet Essentials program is now available to low-income veterans, the media giant announced further plans to make internet more accessible in Washington, D.C.

Comcast’s Internet Essentials program is partnering with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and the PsychArmor Institute to provide learning tools for low-income veterans. The announcement was made at an event held at the Reserved Officers Association Building on Tuesday. The company recently announced that the Internet Essentials program has subscribed more than 6 million low-income Americans since its start in 2011, providing them with a $10-a-month internet service.

“Internet access is incredibly important to the veteran community,” Comcast power broker David L. Cohen said in a statement. “Yet, about a third of low-income veterans still do not have Internet service at home and about 40 percent do not even own a computer. We think this is simply unacceptable.”

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation and the PsychArmor Institute will help with the creation of 10 digital skills training videos and supplementary materials specific to veterans. The videos will be available online and in classrooms of Comcast-sponsored computer labs in 10 of its markets.

“I am enormously proud of this program. It is our largest community impact program as a company and I am very proud of the difference we are making.” Cohen told Technical.ly DC. “We’re just going to keep on innovating and growing and expanding the company like we have this month.”


Cohen also announced at the event that Comcast is launching an Internet Essentials Learning Zone for students and families across all of D.C.’s eight wards. As part of this new initiative, Comcast is providing free internet to 19 nonprofits and social-service organizations in the D.C. area who partner with the Learning Zones.

In January 2019, Comcast will expand its senior pilot program to low-income seniors in D.C., making the District the 13th market in an initiative aimed at helping seniors be more digitally involved. Comcast plans to partner with the District of Columbia Public Libraries to provide trainings.

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