It’s #WorldEmojiDay, and Philly Twitter is proving an emoji is worth 1,000 words

Turns out the city has a lot to say (er, feel? React?) about what's missing from our emoji libraries.

What do your emojis mean?

(Photo by Pixabay user TeroVesalainen used under a Creative Commons license)

We at don’t often cover national (or in this case, international) days, but when Philadelphia Gas Works alerted us this morning about World Emoji Day with a plea for a cone emoji, it was too good to ignore.

While we’re not entirely sure why we were mentioned, we’re grateful to know about this delightful day. Without further ado, please enjoy a roundup of some of the best Philly tweets featuring your favorite wordless reactors. (P.S. “Conan” = PGW’s new mascot, Conan O’Struction.)


Not gonna lie, we had to check the comments to realize the 76ers were tweeting emojis that represent all their players. But for those who are sports-inclined, you can give it your best guess as to what matches with whom and confirm with others in the responses below.

Di Bruno Bros. gave us its take on the top dog (or mouse) in the emoji world

Philadelphia Convention and Visitors BureauΒ wrote a handy translation of all the best ways to identify Philly, minus one very important figure …

… but luckily, Brian Communications didn’t forget our Gritty when its created some Philly-centric emojis missing from the Apple and Android libraries, including Rocky and wooder ice.

But the Philadelphia Flyers took home the true Gritty gold with a portrait actually made from emojis. (Zoom in — we think his eyes might be toilet paper rolls.)

Fox29’s Scott Williams offered the three stages of heat wave grief via emojis.

And finally, Jim’s South Street gave a very reasonable argument for why Philly needs a cheesesteak emoji.

Psst — looking for integrate some truly Philadelphian emojis into your internet life? A few years ago, we made some for Slack. You’re welcome.

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