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Editor’s Note: Every week we publish a rundown of the region’s most exciting job opportunities. We’ve lovingly called it This Week in Jobs (aka TWIJ (“twidge”) here at HQ). Below is this week’s edition. Sign up for the newsletter by clicking here. Here are a few more examples. Thanks! — @zackseward

Well, it turns out Mayor Jim Kenney is the feisty, protective parent we all needed in middle school when we were the only one not invited to the class party. It never occurred to us to throw a competing party in our own house the very same night. Hindsight.

We could start a letter-writing campaign to request Kenney’s assistance getting back at all the kids who once wronged us, but it’s probably more productive to bury the hatchet and use that time writing cover letters to the companies hiring below.

The News

TripAdvisor has chosen Philly’s NeedsList — a real-time digital marketplace delivering aid for refugees’ most urgent needs — as its yearly Global Volunteer Month partner. NeedsList is kinda like your ultra-productive, type-A friend whose handwritten to-do lists rival a typewriter and who pays the bills the second they arrive in the mail. Basically, it’s exactly the type of company you want innovating in the humanitarian crisis sector. Keep your eyes open for career opportunities here.

Cancel that order. Business card swapping is going digitalContap Social just acquired $600,000 in seed capital to update its event networking app that allows users to customize the contact info they share. And for those who get home and can never remember which face belonged to which biz card, a bonus feature: note-taking capabilities. Or you can always fall back on Michael Scott’s mnemonic device for name recognition.

Speaking of networking, if HealthTech gets your pulse racing, you’ll probably want to attend Dreamit’s HealthTech Demo Day on June 8. Schmooze with industry leaders, watch innovative startup founders present their demos and stay for a fireside chat with top local execs. Did we mention it’s free? Get your mingle on.

The Jobs

This week’s for lovers…of Engineering.

? Just the two of us ?

? All the single ladies ?

  • Help consumers finance their dream purchases as a Full Stack Engineer at fintech leader Perpay.
  • Advance geospatial technology to improve the world as a Software Engineer at civic-tech firm Azavea.

The Fine Print

New jobs pop up daily, so don’t forget to visit our master list regularly and to share this newsletter with friends! Or enemies. Everyone deserves to like where they work.

And remember, though Mayor Kenney did a pretty good job, Chrissy Teigen is and will always be the Clap Back Queen. See you next week!


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