The Mill challenges the idea that standup is ‘played out’ in Delaware

Comedian Misty Sabean is set to launch "Comicalness" in March.

Standup is coming to Theatre N.

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One day, back when WhyFly still had an office at The MillMisty Sabean was hanging out there with her husband, WhyFly CRO/CMO Nick Sabean, when Mill founder Robert Herrera heard she had been a standup comic before moving to the area.

“You should do a show here,” he said.

“Here,” meaning Theatre N, the arthouse cinema house two floors down that doubles as The Mill’s event space.

“We planned it for last year, but it fell through,” says Sabean, whose stage name was Misty Tyson. “There was no response.”

But Sabean isn’t the type to give up. “When I was younger, I was a model and actress who moved out to L.A,” she said. “I was trying to get work, and people said, ‘You have to get yourself out there.’ Standup comedy was a way to do that. My first standup event was so bad I wanted to do it again.”

She’s now a freelance designer, but still feels the pull of the stage sometimes. So, despite the floppage of The Mill’s first comedy show attempt, she’s back on the horse, organizing “The Mill Comedy Presents: Comicalness” on March 20 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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“Comicalness,” she said, “is the state of being funny. It’s speaking truth through comedy. I’m producing the show, emceeing, getting comics together, including [headliner] New York comic Stephen McLonghair.”

Wilmington has never been a huge standup comedy town, but standup has its moments, such as at last year’s Ladybug Festival, Spaceboy events at Humble Park and comedy club nights at the Candlelight Theater in Arden.


“People have told me that comedy isn’t popular in Delaware,” Sabean said. “That it’s ‘played out.’ Played out? I want to see for myself.”

“Comicalness” is part of The Mill’s foray into to hosting arts and entertainment events that are open to the community. In January, The Mill hosted its first local music event at Theatre N, organized by Mill employee and Earth Radio percussionist Dan Lord.

“I think we all thrive better in creative spaces,” Sabean said. “Let’s get creatives together and laugh.”

Get tickets here.

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