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Power Home Remodeling takes to the sky with #PhillyWantsLeBron campaign

With the eyes of basketball fans upon Brooklyn for the NBA Draft, the Chester, Pa.-based company once again asked LeBron to “Strive for GOATness” — with the Sixers, of course.

Sky-soaring billboards brought to you by Power Home Remodeling. (Courtesy photo)

Attention hacking worked once for Chester, Pa.-based Power Home Remodeling, so they went for it again, big time.

First it was a trio of billboards outside Cleveland, Ohio, calling for LeBron James to ditch the Cavaliers and join the Philadelphia 76ers, which went crazy viral. On Monday, the company took things up a notch with three aerial billboards with similar messaging soaring above Brooklyn ahead of the NBA Draft.

“We knew the billboards in Cleveland were going to be a hit amongst our employees, but we never could have expected them to go so viral,” said Asher Raphael, co-CEO of the remodeling services company, which employs 2,500 people around the country. “It was great to see Philadelphia enter the consideration set of where LeBron should land after free agency.”

The billboards concept had already been copycatted in Los Angeles and New York so the company wanted to double down with its campaign in a different way.

“We needed to do something new, and the NBA Draft offered us the perfect opportunity to use our creative in a new and exciting way — aerial billboards — bringing our message to new heights,” Raphael punned.

The company declined to disclose how much the marketing push cost but one aerial advertising company that offers the service puts flight rates centered around specific events in the $500 to $3,000 range per plane.

“Good try,” Michelle Bauer, Power’s VP of marketing, said in an email. “But that one we are keeping to ourselves. What I can tell you is that it was worth it.”

Some New Yorkers were flummoxed by the marketing push soaring above their heads:

LeBron himself called the initial billboards push “very flattering”:

As for the original billboard trio, the company has since switched up the branding to include the names of its employees.

“This #PhillyWantsLeBron campaign has been a huge success,” Raphael said in an email. “Not only have we been able to support our hometown, making sure the Sixers stay in the mix of possibilities, but we’ve also been able to acknowledge what makes Power Home Remodeling, Power: our people and our culture.”

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