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Before leaving for NYC, discussion app ‘Point’ summers in Philly

The Point web app makes it possible to chat about online articles with friends, on the articles themselves. Its founders, originally from MontCo, are moving to Williamsburg soon.

The recent college grads behind Point, a buzzy app that lets you discuss news and websites with your friends, plan to build their business in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But for the summer, they’re in Center City.

The team — Ashwinn Krishnaswamy, Phil Ditzler and Aneesh Bhoopathy — all went to Methacton High School in Mongtomery County’s Fairview Village, Pa.

Krishnaswamy and Ditzler, both 23, attended NYU, while Bhoopathy, also 23, went to Carnegie Mellon. When they finished college in 2013, they all moved back home to Audobon and Eagleville, Pa., to work on the startup. Now, they’re spending the summer in Center City before they make the move to Brooklyn, Krishnaswamy said in an email.

Point’s “private commenting section” in action. (Screenshot via Point)

Point is kind of like a “super-charged, private commenting section for any website,” as one user on Twitter put it

The startup is growing in buzz, thanks in part to Product Hunt, the Reddit-like product launch site. The startup made it to the top of the Product Hunt list last week (and then penned a “love letter” to the site). (Point isn’t the only local startup that’s benefited from Product Hunt: introduction startup IntroNet saw a big jump in signups when it was featured on the site.)

So why is Point leaving for New York?

Krishnaswamy and Ditzler have a network there already, thanks to their time at NYU, Krishnaswamy said. They’ve already hired a few NYC-based software developers.

The team demoed their product at West Chester coworking space Walnut Street Labs Wednesday evening.

Here’s how it works:



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