Peep these vertigo-inducing drone shots of the Comcast Technology Center

The 1,121-foot-tall building looks dashing in these photos from local company Philly By Drone.

The 60-story building.

(Photo by Philly by Drone)

Full disclosure: Comcast is the title sponsor of Philly Tech Week. That relationship is unrelated to this story.

As the tallest building in Philly’s skyline was coming together in 2017, drone pilot Christopher Kao put together a gripping 360-degree mock-up of the view from up above.

It’s two years later and Kao returned to the Comcast Technology Center, now completed and up and running, to take some drone pics of the soaring tower.

“I just love the lantern on top of Comcast Technology Center so much,” said Kao, the founder of drone imaging company Philly By Drone. “Have you ever flown back into Philly and seen it from far away? To me it’s like a symbol of hope and prosperity. At night I always look at it when I walk home and i feel like it is just such a great symbol for the city.”

In September of 2018, the telecom giant officially opened the doors on the $1.5 billion, four-year project, which rises to 1,121 feet, just 150 feet higher than Comcast’s first building.

Upon completion, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said the new skyscraper was a symbol of where the 50-year-old company would be heading next.

“The first 50 years of the company were about entrepreneurial bootstrapping, and we got to a place where we needed what is now the Comcast Center,” Roberts said at the time, during a media walkthrough of the new site. “As we look to the next 50 years, optimistically, it’s about innovation, change and technology. The businesses that we’re in are at the center of an exciting technological revolution.”

Scroll to see the roundup of vertigo-inducing shots:

The Comcast center from above

The 60-story Comcast Center was officially opened in September 2018. (Photo by Philly By Drone)

The Comcast center from above

Philly skyline. (Photo by Philly By Drone)

The Comcast Technology Center

1,000 Comcast workers were in the new building by opening day. (Photo by Philly By Drone)

The Comcast technology center from above

Don’t look down. (Photo by Philly By Drone)

THe comcast technology center

Whoa. (Photo by Philly By Drone)


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