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Paul Singh leaves 1776 as acquisition closes

“Paul's moving on to do other projects.” Let's recap.

Paul Singh told DC last year that he wanted to create a "100-year legacy" in Crystal City. (Photo by Lalita Clozel)

Disruption Corporation founder Paul Singh is moving on as his investment firm officially achieves its merger with 1776.
Singh, who was still cited on the 1776 website as managing director Wednesday morning, has resigned, DC Inno reported Tuesday night.
“Paul’s moving on to do other projects,” 1776 cofounder Evan Burfield told the publication. “There are great things he’d like to pursue and rather than wait 30 days or 90 days he decided now was the best time to go after them.”
When the merger — which took almost everyone by surprise — was announced, Singh’s role appeared more uncertain — though he has been insisting adamantly that he was not distancing himself.

In a press conference the following day, he said the acquisition deal came from a desire to combine forces. “Let’s figure out how we can do it together,” Singh said.
Then in June, he sent an email to his listserv with the subject line “I’m back. ?” in which he announced he would be creating a weekly newsletter of his “top 10 reads.”
We’ve reached out to Burfield and his fellow founder Donna Harris, as well as Singh, and will keep you updated if we hear anything back.

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