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Pathogen-testing company Aperiomics has launched a COVID-19 test

The Sterling, Virginia-based biotech company plans to process up to 1,000 coronavirus tests per week.

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Sterling, Virginia-based biotech company Aperiomics has launched a new test that can detect COVID-19.

Founded in 2014, the company uses genomic analysis and machine learning to detect known pathogens from a sample of any nature in just one test. Aperiomics reports that its Xplore-PATHO tech can accurately identify nearly 40,000 microorganisms including over 12,000 clinically relevant pathogens.

Aperiomics collaborated with Iowa-based Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), which is supplying primers and probes needed to conduct tests, and California-based Zymo Research, which is providing DNA/RNA sample collection and RNA extraction reagents, according to a press release. With the company’s new Xplore-COVID-19 testing kits, Aperiomics will be able to immediately begin processing 1,000 tests per week, and is accepting orders nationwide. The test’s results will be provided within 48 to 72 hours from Aperiomics receiving a sample.

“Over the past several months, we have known that this virus was spreading globally and that it was certain to impact Americans,” Aperiomics CEO Crystal Icenhour told via email. “Initially we chose not to offer testing, but as the pandemic unfolded it became apparent that every lab with the capability to perform testing would be needed.”

Crystal Icenhour. (Courtesy photo)

The company reports that it has already begun taking orders from doctors and hospitals for the Xplore-COVID-19 testing kits, which can be ordered for patients at $250 per throat swab sample.

Icenhour said this price point is the lowest cost the company requires to effectively ship collection kits, process samples, work with doctors to understand findings and provide any other needed support.

“For our team to successfully produce the COVID-19 testing capability at scale, a nominal fee is required to ensure Aperiomics can adequately maintain its staffing needs and cover the company’s costs to perform testing,” Icenhour said. “In this difficult time, Aperiomics is dedicated to ensuring that no one suffers needlessly because they cannot afford the medical testing they deserve. This pricing is consistent with other laboratory testing and will be reimbursable by insurance companies.”

Aperiomics’ Xplore-COVID-19 testing kit are not available directly to consumers; the kits must be ordered by medical professionals. In the case of telemedicine or remote healthcare scenarios, Aperiomics can drop off or ship testing kits to patients after a doctor has ordered them. A licensed healthcare provider is required to sign off on paperwork before any tests are processed, Icenhour told These testing kits are available nationwide.

“Testing capacity nationwide is growing but still limited — we believe it is important for medical professionals to be involved in the testing process,” she said.

While Aperiomics processes the COVID-19 test, the biotech company will continue to fulfill orders for its flagship Xplore-PATHO testing. Icenhour said Aperiomics will offer testing kits for COVID-19 as long as there is a need for testing at a mass scale.

Medical professionals interested in ordering Aperiomics’ Xplore-COVID-19 testing kits can contact the company at or 703-229-0406.

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