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There’s an outdoor workspace opening in Rosslyn’s Gateway Park next month

Outdoor Office, coined O2 for short, is looking to attract professionals seeking a safe — and free — workspace with a change of scenery.

A new outdoor workspace opening in Rosslyn, Virginia, next month wants to attract professionals looking for a safe office space with a change of scenery.

Outdoor Office, coined O2 for short, is a project coming from the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID), a public-private partnership with Arlington County that allows the organization to manage a designated 17-block mixed-use, urban center in Rosslyn. O2 will be located in Rosslyn’s Gateway Park and leverages the already established infrastructure and natural elements.

“We know that safe outdoor public spaces are key to maintaining mental and physical health and helping people feel connected to where they spend their time,” said Mary-Claire Burick, president of the Rosslyn BID, in a statement. “O2 is an extension of the wonderful office community we have in Rosslyn and we’re excited to bring it to Arlington.”

O2 is on a mission to cultivate a “business-meets-fresh-air environment” and visitors can even reserve space for free using a reservation system. There will be trained ambassadors from the Rosslyn BID onsite during business hours to maintain operations and sanitize workspaces.

This is one of the many efforts the Rosslyn BID has implemented to adapt to long-term social distancing guidelines in the fight against the coronavirus.

Back in May, the organization launched the Rosslyn Ready initiative to aid businesses in its community preparing to reopen safely. In June, the Rosslyn BID implemented public signage and distributed instructional materials around the city about how to stay safe and healthy when out and about. The organization also donated $100,000 to Arlington County’s small business grant program.

Registrations are “coming soon,” per the BID’s website. Here’s another rendering of what you can expect to see at O2:

O2’s office space will be outside. (Courtesy photo)


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