Net neutrality activists protest outside Comcast [Comcast Roundup]

Plus: is Comcast really going to disconnect your service if you use Tor?

Protest for increased digital access at Comcast HQ on Aug. 3, 2020. (Photo courtesy Philly Student Union)

Rally at Comcast building opposes cable merger [Philadelphia Inquirer]: “Protesters held a large puppet in the likeness of Comcast chief executive Brian Roberts and a globe with phone wires wrapped around it, representing the company’s communications network. ‘Listen, listen, FCC, the Internet belongs to me,’ chanted the crowd, led by Hannah Jane Sassaman of the nonprofit Media Mobilizing Project in Philadelphia.”

Comcast And Time Warner Pitch Merger Through Ads [Wall Street Journal]: “To help make its case, Comcast has turned to advertising — targeted at specific audiences. With the tagline “together is better,” Comcast has run ads in TV, digital, and radio in the Washington D.C area, as well as to digital readers of trade publications and tech news sites who are likely more focused on issues related to the merger, such as net neutrality.”

Why a thinly sourced, unverified report about Comcast has the Web in an uproar [Washington Post]: “In the last 24 hours, Comcast has been embroiled in a minor controversy concerning countless subscribers who use Tor, the traffic-anonymizing service designed to hide your Web activity from would-be snoops. […] Comcast is denying the accusations, of course, but the claims are also being rejected by Tor users themselves. Between the unambiguous denunciations coming from Comcast and the thinly-sourced nature of Deep Dot Web’s report, it isn’t likely that Comcast is doing anything nefarious here.”

This is what a monopoly looks like [Vox]: Inside Comcast’s customer service center.

Comcast CEO “Cautiously Optimistic” on Approval for Time Warner Cable Acquisition [Hollywood Reporter]

Companies: Comcast / Media Mobilizing Project

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