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These companies want to hear your pitch at Baltimore Innovation Week Introduced is a way to meet purchasing reps from AOL, Amtrak and more. Let's help your startup find its next big break.

At the Baltimore Innovation Week 2015 Business Conference. (Photo by Olivia Obineme)

Baltimore has plenty of resources when it comes to starting a business. But what happens when you’re up and running (and maybe already pretty successful) but you need that next big break to move you forward?
A consistent pain point we’ve heard from local startups is the lack of business-to-business opportunities. Why is it so hard to get in front of the largest companies in Baltimore? is here to help.
During Baltimore Innovation Week 2016 presented by 14 West, join us at Introduced: A curated B2B event. Apply for the chance to meet purchasing representatives from various large businesses in the region and pitch your product or service. If you’re matched with a large organization, we’ll set up a one-on-one meeting for you to pitch your business in person. This event was inspired by B2Bmore, an event organized by the software development firm SmartLogic.

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Confirmed Companies Include: Introduced is a part of the BIW16 Business Conference, which also includes Lunch&Learn: Workshop your Business, for hands-on practical advice for starting your business.
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Companies: AOL/ / SmartLogic / Amtrak /

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