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Here’s who we met at NET/WORK Baltimore 2016

The Feb. 17 career fair offered face time with hiring companies and swag wars that left everyone a winner.

The scene at NET/WORK Baltimore 2016. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

As Sam Markose is getting ready to enter the job market, he just found a lot of potential employers he didn’t know existed.
The Towson University senior is currently interning at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT). But with his May graduation looming, he got a tip from a co-worker to check out NET/WORK Baltimore at the Baltimore Museum of Industry last week.

Sam Markos at NET/WORK Baltimore 2016.

Sam Markose at NET/WORK Baltimore 2016. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

Looking at the tables of the 30+ startups exhibiting where he had just dropped off his resume, Markos said he was discovering a new segment of Baltimore’s business community.
“It’s awesome seeing startups in Baltimore,” Markose said. “I didn’t know they existed. I thought it was just big companies like JPMorgan and GDIT.”
The companies were ready to make themselves stand out in the February setting. With Valentine’s Day having recently passed, SmartLogic brought roses.

Like groundhogs anticipating spring, SocialToaster brought shades.
And Response Labs had the kind of moody booth lighting that made them instantly intriguing.

The event also provided some help with self-presentation for the job seekers with headshots from ZMBmedia, and talks from front-end web developer Lyn Muldrow, Under Armour Front End Architect Shea Frederick and Mindgrub HR Manager Jonalyne Andres. At her talk on building a portfolio, Muldrow said it was OK to do some #humblebragging.
“You want to, at first glance, answer the question, ‘Who is this person?'” she said.

Back under the giant flying machine in the exhibit area, we ran into Josh Uzzell.
The designer and developer was glad to not only pass off his resume, but also have a chance to talk to representatives from Mindgrub, Systems Alliance and SocialToaster. At conferences and bigger hiring events, he said, there’s less of an opportunity to talk to the representatives face-to-face.

Josh Uzzell at NET/WORK Baltimore 2016.

Josh Uzzell at NET/WORK Baltimore 2016. (Photo by Stephen Babcock)

“It’s a lot better than most other job fairs,” he said.
And since we know all the attendees had to miss Ray from Car Talk’s Reddit AMA, Jeff Nemic has you covered:

Companies: Mindgrub / SmartLogic / SocialToaster

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