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How these ecosystem builders’ support of their local tech communities has evolved

For Evolution of a Tech Scene Month, leaders at Ballard Spahr, Nemphos Braue and Verizon told us how they've changed over the years to meet new needs.

Networking at a Ballard Spahr event. (Courtesy Ballard Spahr)

This sponsored content is a part of Evolution of a Tech Scene Month of's editorial calendar. The organizations appearing in this article are Ecosystem Builder clients.

As a tech scene evolves, so do its needs. For those dedicated to supporting the community, that means updating the ways in which that support takes shape.

New tech and industry trends emerge, new players enter the scene, and new challenges arise. The universities, law firms, accelerators and corporate partners that help cultivate a community adapt alongside them. For some, this means changing approaches in response to the pandemic’s new economic realities. For others, it’s making a greater push on equity and inclusion. For all, it’s about paying attention to how the tech scene itself is changing, and rising to meet those evolving needs.

For the month of May,’s reporting has explored the theme of Evolution of a Tech Scene for our editorial calendar. For some additional perspectives, we asked our Ecosystem Builder organizations the following question:

How has your organization’s support of the local community evolved along with the tech scene over the years?

Here are their replies, and if you like what you see, follow the links to organizations’ directory pages to learn more.

Ballard Spahr

“Our support of the tech scene is increasingly focused on expanding the tech scene network. We actively work to invite fresh blood into the scene, by engaging founders and industry leaders that have not traditionally viewed themselves as being part of the tech scene. Our community has evolved to include entrepreneurs that have traditionally been associated with ‘lifestyle’ ventures — such as musicians, chefs, brick-and-mortar retailers and snack companies. By serving these entrepreneurs and catering to their interests through free events and content, we have been helping to expand the tech scene — which we believe is accretive to the entire ecosystem.” — Kimberly Klayman, partner-elect

Nemphos Braue

“At the height of the pandemic, I really encouraged businesses to build what I called ‘economic herd immunity.’ In essence, by working together, such as shoring up supply chain and distribution connections through mutually beneficial arrangements, those relationships among companies build strength. Rather than a ‘tech mafia’ — or any term that underscores the power of the elite few — there is strength in an ecosystem that recognizes deeper layers of connection, empowers different areas of expertise, and integrates entrepreneurs across disciplines.” — George Nemphos, cofounder and managing member

Verizon 5G

“At the forefront of the tech revolution, Verizon empowers every facet of our local communities where we live and work. Our trusted, reliable and award-winning tech advancements — including groundbreaking 5G internet connectivity, augmented reality development and mobile edge computing — drive innovations that make a meaningful impact. One dynamic example of this involves our cutting-edge Verizon Innovative Learning Labs, which not only transform how local teachers and students immerse themselves in engaging STEM lessons today, but also lay the groundwork for the technologies, careers and equities of the future.” — Paul Brooks Plymouth, director of state government and local engagement


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