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Meet Verizon

Today, we live in a world where we all work, learn, create and even stay safe using networks—built on the 21st-century infrastructures of mobility, broadband and the cloud. We call this new world the fully networked economy.

5G is not another incremental technological innovation impacting this networked economy. It’s a once-in-a-generation breakthrough platform that has the potential to dramatically change what we think is possible.

Verizon has a history of network leadership, something that consumers recognize.  Verizon has earned more awards than any other provider for Wireless Network Quality according to J.D. Power. That leadership is a driving force behind the work to unlock the full potential of this fully networked economy.

We’ve continued that leadership spirit by undergoing a massive network transformation that is allowing us to set the stage for even greater 5G development and adoption. Our spectrum position, our extensive fiber ownership and the advanced technology we deploy from the core of our network all the way to the edge of our network makes Verizon’s 5G network reliable, robust, secure and high performing. And that makes us America’s most reliable 5G network.

A huge part of our network transformation is network virtualization. Key 5G use cases like massive scale IoT solutions, more robust consumer devices, AR/VR, remote healthcare and autonomous robotics in manufacturing environments will all heavily rely on the programmability of virtualized networks. Virtualization is critical for advanced operations and services, which require a programmable network with the ability to move functions and operations across the distributed network.

Additionally, the advanced electronics we use in our fiber network in combination with the vastness of that fiber footprint help provide the capacity we need to move today’s data and help support the exponential growth in data from the mobile network in the future that should result from new 5G uses.

Finally, our spectrum holdings provide an excellent foundation for rapid deployment of and massive capacity on 5G, which paves the way for extraordinary innovation and growth in the future.

At Verizon, we have a history of exploring technology with a purpose. Our teams work with startups, academia, enterprise teams and others to help develop groundbreaking innovations for a future powered by 5G.