Search engine DuckDuckGo is now available in Firefox

With Safari already on board, Chrome is the last major holdout.

Gabe Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo.

(Photo courtesy of DuckDuckGo)

Onward, DuckDuckGo.

The Paoli-based search engine that promises not to track you is now available as a built-in option in Firefox, as part of the browser’s privacy-oriented tenth anniversary special release. (The theme of the release: “Stand with us for an Internet that belongs to everyone. And no one.”)

Here’s Firefox on why it added DuckDuckGo:

Search is an integral, and deeply personal, part of online life. The things you search for can say a lot about who you are. DuckDuckGo gives you search results without tracking who you are or what you search for. Other engines may use tracking to enhance your search results, but we believe that’s a choice you should get to make for yourself.

The news comes just five months after Apple announced that new versions of Safari would let users make the search engine their default choice.

What’s left on that browser checklist? Internet Explorer and, of course, Google Chrome. (Wikipedia aggregates stats from several sites on browser market share, nearly all of which agree that Chrome is the top dog.)

DuckDuckGo CEO Gabe Weinberg has been making the PR rounds for his new book, Traction, and it’s proven to be a good marketing tool for DuckDuckGo itself: see some of his latest press hits here and here.


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