Curalate announced as DNC’s first local official technology provider

The visual marketing startup will link images from the DNC's site and social media accounts to things like online petitions and platform summaries.

Curalate CEO Apu Gupta announces its DNC partnership in 2016. (Photo by Roberto Torres)

The 2016 Philadelphia Democratic Convention Committee (DNCC) chose Curalate as the first local tech company to be named an official technology provider for the Democratic National Convention, alongside national names like AT&T, Microsoft and LG.
“The DNC is bringing the eyes of the world to Philadelphia, and Curalate is proud to help shape what those eyes will see,” CEO Apu Gupta said at a Monday morning press conference. “Curalate is going to capture content and engage it into action, connecting people to information during the DNC.”

Gupta made the announcement at the company’s HQ flanked by Andrew Binns, Chief Innovation Officer for the DNC; Kelli Klein, Digital Director at DNCC; and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.
“We all know the city has a burgeoning tech scene, and we’re glad to see the DNCC is taking advantage of the great resources we have available here,” said Kenney, who got a tour of the company’s University City offices before the press conference.
Following the announcement, Kenney and the press got a quick demo of what the company will be offering users during the event, which is expected to pull some 50,000 people into the city.

As users browse images on the convention’s website and Instagram account, they can click on them to be linked to what Gupta called “actively engaging content” — things like online petitions, platform descriptions and policy initiatives.
“Today, consumers increasingly discover the world through imagery,” said Gupta. “What applies to products will begin to be applied for politics as well,”
When asked about the financial terms of the agreement, Gupta said they were not being disclosed at this time. “We’re very happy to be partnering with the DNCC,” he said.

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