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Curalate lands on Business Insider’s ‘hottest under-the-radar startups’ list

“Under-the-radar” here meaning “not in Silicon Valley or New York City” (though Curalate does have an NYC office).

The Curalate crew. (Photo via Facebook)

Curalate was named one of the nation’s hottest “under-the-radar startups” by Business Insider. What that actually means, according to the story, is that Curalate is one of the hottest startups that’s not in New York or Silicon Valley.
We’ll also note that the visual analytics company is highly skilled at getting on lists, like Inc.’s The 10 Hottest Startups to Work for in NYC (since the Center City startup has an office there), and Business Insider’s 25 Coolest New Businesses in Philadelphia (back in 2012, when the startup was newly founded).
There were no other Philly startups on the list but there was Cotopaxi, a Salt Lake City company cofounded by Wharton MBA Stephan Jacob, whose last venture — ecommerce company Kembrel — lived and died in Philadelphia. (Kembrel also made that Business Insider list of 25 Coolest New Businesses in Philadelphia, leading us to wonder if Business Insider has a Binder Full of Philadelphia Startups.)
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Companies: Curalate / Kembrel

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