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A growing ChurnZero is leaving 1776, relocating to WeWork at Midtown Center

The software company's last day at 1776 Lafayette Square is today. A majority of its 50+ employees will work out of its new private suite.

WeWork at Midtown Center's common area. (Photo via WeWork's website)

Software company ChurnZero is moving out of 1776 Lafayette Square and relocating to WeWork at Midtown Center.

This reporter first learned of this news via an anonymous tip. ChurnZero’s founder and CEO, You Mon Tsang, confirmed the news in an email.

This move will be the fourth relocation for ChurnZero, which helps SaaS companies retain subscribers by optimizing their customer experiences, since its inception in 2015. The company started out inside of TechShop, a chain of workshops and fabrication studios that closed all of its locations in 2017. From there, the company migrated to 1776 Crystal City, which also closed its doors for good last summer. (In April 2019, it also raised $7 million in Series A funding.) ChurnZero has been working out of 1776 Lafayette Square ever since and is prepared to set up its new digs at WeWork.

WeWork at Midtown Center, addressed 1100 15th St. NW, opened up last November. (Of course, we’re still following how WeWork’s failed IPO, CEO ousting and mass layoffs last year could affect its D.C. locations. Check out our comprehensive 2020 coworking guide for more on the international chain of coworking spaces’ presence in the District.)

How did Tsang feel about moving his company into the city? “Moving to D.C. was a distinct possibility,” he wrote. “The hasty shutdown of 1776 Crystal City meant we had little choice.”

The company’s team has grown to over 50 employees and about one-third of its team works remotely. A majority of ChurnZero’s employees will work out of the WeWork office, where the company has rented out a private suite. Tsang said the ChurnZero team has been “growing very quickly,” which was a driving force for the relocation.

“We simply got too big and needed more space. We also wanted our own space,” Tsang told

ChurnZero’s setup in 1776 Lafayette Square was quite open, with the company occupying a large corner of space. The desks were set up in an open plan, with no room for separate offices. Despite the team’s growth trajectory, Tsang said he is still a big fan of coworking spaces and thinks “they are a terrific option for startups and even fast-growing companies.”

ChurnZero’s last day in 1776 is today, Jan. 31. Tsang said ChurnZero will maintain a relationship with 1776 after its relocation.

“1776 will always be a part of our story and the memories will be fond,” he said. “They built a nurturing community that we will miss.”

Here’s a sneak peak of ChurnZero’s WeWork office:

ChurnZero’s new WeWork at Midtown Center office. (Courtesy photo)

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