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Artisan Mobile raises $5.5 million Series A, moves into new office [PHOTOS]

The mobile app management startup will use the funding to ramp up sales and marketing efforts, as well as for product development.

The ribbon on Alpha Technologies new office will be cut March 10. (Photo by Flickr user Province of British Columbia, used under a Creative Commons license)
Photos by Aidan Un for Technically Philly.

Old City’s Artisan Mobile raised a $5.5 million Series A, it announced yesterday. The round was led by New York City-based FirstMark Capital, who also invested in Artisan CEO Bob Moul‘s former company Boomi.

In other developments, the mobile app management startup, which will use the funding to ramp up sales and marketing efforts, as well as for product development, moved into a new office  on the fourth floor of 234 Market Street last week. The 25-person shop had outgrown its nearby, former office, which had split the team on  two floors.

Artisan’s new building at 234 Market Street.

Here are more updates from Artisan, as per Moul:

  • While it has a “handful of paying customers,” 40-50 internet retailers are piloting Artisan Optimize, software that lets non-technical staffers make immediate changes to mobile apps in order to test what’s more effective: a blue checkout button or a green checkout button? A square button or a circular button?
  • Artisan is collecting data on their users’ A/B tests and will use it to make suggestions to its customers.
  • The company is launching Optimize for Android later this summer.
  • Artisan is going to launch three new products this fall, including software that will provide mobile app analytics and software that will allow designers to design mobile apps without using any code, essentially cutting out all the back-and-forth between designers and developers.

Read more on VentureBeat and in the Philadelphia Daily News.


Artisan CEO Bob Moul.


Artisan tore the office’s walls down in order to create an open floor plan.


Software engineer Nick Hilem.


Michael Raber, who Artisan acqui-hired in 2012 after Raber graduated from DreamIt Ventures.

Robots in one of Artisan’s conference rooms. Each conference room will have a different theme, Artisan founder Scott Wasserman told us, including “The Louvre” and “Tokyo,” where he’ll keep all his collectibles.


Graphic designer Dustin Kemper.


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