We’re giving away 2 of these new Analog Watch Co. jawns

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Introducing Analog Watch Co.'s "Classic Collection."

(Courtesy photo)

The people of Kickstarter have spoken yet again.
Analog Watch Co.’s newest watch line — “The Classic Collection” — met its goal of $8,000 in just 11 hours. The South Philly company, run by Lorenzo Buffa, has raised more than $56,000 so far. Buffa is very good at crowdfunding.

Analog Watch Co.'s new line.

The new line. (Courtesy photo)

This is the company that brought you the “world’s first flexible wooden watch” and one made of marble, too. We have to say, this slimmed-down look is on point.
Analog, a GoodCompany accelerator grad, is selling its newest watch for $55 on Kickstarter, but it’ll retail for $165.
Support by Nov. 16
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