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This Week in Jobs: Job hunting, au naturel

Put on pants. We're begging you.

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My Eyes!!

Things have gotten a little weird on Zoom lately and we were, uh, wondering if, well — can everyone put some freaking clothes on? Man alive.

The unsettling rate of birthday suit sightings and potty breaks has us concerned. We’re talkin’ no shirt, no shoes (er, pants), big problem.

So that you don’t find yourself in a pantsless pickle, we’ve come up with a simple tip for online meetings: Wear clothes. All the time. Ideally, wear the right clothes. But honestly, any clothes will do.

Maybe pick them out the night before, so that it’s easier. Or rewear the ones you wore yesterday. Please, just put an end to the madness.

The News

Here’s a good reason to button up your biz-appropriate button down. At, we’re offering two free job posts on our job board for all companies hiring for tech (or tech-adjacent) positions or new roles at companies scrambling to keep up with demand due to COVID-19 (think: delivery services or PPE manufacturing).

Noting the recent increase of anxiety and depression, Chris Molaro, CEO and cofounder of NeuroFlow put together a list of mental health resources for anyone who is struggling.


The Delaware Division of Small Businesses has been doing it’s small biz owners a solid by creating a map of the 450 grocery stores, restaurants (takeout only), breweries, coffee shops, services and businesses that are still open for online shopping and services.

Continuing to ask the tough questions,’s CEO, Chris Wink, launched episode 2 of The TWIJ Show. This week’s topic is “When should I shut down my startup?” Sounds dark, but Wink’s optimistic outlook will have you ready to tackle any version of the answer.

The Jobs

To the job board:

… And beyond! The following orgs have been helping with COVID-related efforts, whether creating products and services to help with the crisis, or hiring those who were recently laid off or are needing supplemental work.

Get dressed, then get back on the couch. These gigs are remote:

The End

Thanks for joining us this week. In the words of the world’s greatest anchorman, Ron Burgundy: “Stay classy.”

Happy job hunting, friends.

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