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This Week In Jobs: Chalk about opportunity

Roles for multiple levels of experience, in all the colors of the rainbow.

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Hit the bricks, kid

Due to pandemic levels of stir craziness that even technology can’t solve (gasp!), people are takin’ to the streets to create some seriously impressive sidewalk chalk art.

You remember sidewalks, right? They’re all those cement squares lining the roads we walk on while looking down at our phones.

Well, if these masterpieces don’t inspire you to pop on a mask, pick up some unicorn-shaped chalk and color-code the squares in front of your abode, then … well, then you can choose another hobby. We just want you to be happy.

Speaking of which, take a looksie at the new jobs we’ve got for you this week. Hopefully one of them makes you as happy as this girl livin’ it up with some sidewalk princesses.

The News

“The Facebook,” as all parents once called it, is opening up its hiring practices to include permanent remote employees. Yous guys know what that means. Wait, do you? We’ll just tell you. Facebook is coming for Philadelphia. Remotely. Full transparency, we thought this article said coming “to” Philly but we had just breathed in too much chalk dust. Anyways, read it for ya’selves for the full scoop.

Esports have landed in the previously epsortsless state of Delaware (minus a team at University of Delaware that you can’t join unless you go to UD — oh to be young!). Check out how startup Futures First Gaming plans to change all that through competitive gaming with education and career building. And if you like what you see, consider reaching out to the founders about what kinds of opportunities they may have.

And for any self-employed or gig workers who need it, take a look at this informative roundup of the most FAQs about PA’s Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

The Jobs

Read closely this week, pals. There’s a colorful mix of roles from entry level to leadership.

And a few more engineering roles just for good measure:

And of course, a few for the engineers who actually thrive (i.e., are not distracted by the television) when working from home:

The End

Thanks again for the pleasure of your company this week. As always, you can visit our job board in its entirety here.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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