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This Week In Jobs: All eyes on giant cows, JavaScript and project managers

Maybe skip the filet mignon tonight.

Be like Knickers: Stand above the rest. (Screenshot)

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Holy cow!

The internet collectively spit out its coffee recently when video footage from a cattle farm in Australia exposed an outrageously enormous cow casually shootin’ the breeze with a group of much daintier cows.

Turns out, Knickers is actually a seven-year-old steer and only slightly large for his breed. In other words, context is everything. Or, as the Wall Street Journal eloquently put it, Knickers only looks huge because he’s an “Arnold Schwarzenegger standing among a herd of Danny DeVitos.”

Unbeknownst to him (because he’s not human), Knickers has a lot to teach job seekers. For instance, do you typically send out your résumé only to feel it lands in a herd of identical résumés? Perhaps you should try hanging out with a different herd so that your unique talents shine brighter? Maybe there’s a different farm for you to frolic in — one that forgets to slaughter your résumé on time, gets to know you and realizes you’re a cow worth keeping around.

The point is: Think like Knickers. Be the biggest cow.

The news

Like the Gigi Hadid of programming languages, JavaScript skills were quite in-demand in 2018. Now, the University of the Arts will be offering a brand new JavaScript certificate program starting in Spring 2019. Developed with a cohort model, the continuing education program isn’t just for expanding students’ skills. It can also serve as a launchpad for professionals looking to change or enhance their careers. Learn more about the program here, and don’t forget to check out staff and faculty career opportunities at UArts itself.

The comforting clickety-clack of 30th Street Station’s antique Solari departures board will soon be but an ancient memory. Unless North Philly split-flap sign maker Oat Foundry can work it’s split-flap magic on the iconic station. Due to outdated tech, the sign is slated to come down as early as January. Oat Foundry has pitched an alternative to the Windows 95-run Solari board, replacing it with Linux-run technology, controlled via mobile apps with API integration capabilities. Meanwhile, the startup is preparing to move into a new, 5,100-square-foot space in Bridesburg and has plans to add five more employees to its 20-person team throughout 2019. Reach out about job opportunities here.

The jobs

Project managers, take your pick:

  • Software solutions company Engine Room is looking for a stellar Project Manager.
  • Vistar Media is also hiring a Project Manager to organize and monitor sprints, as well as progress on epics and long-term initiatives. Experience in Agile and a passion for organization will serve you well here, friends.
  • Civtech firm Azavea seeks a Project Manager for its Urban Applications team. Take a peek at its 10% Time benefit.
  • Also in the operations realm, Deacom — artisans of ERP software — has its eye out for two specialists. A Consulting Services Specialist who can design and deploy new and updated business processes for customers, and an IT Specialist to maintain the overall tech operations around its Chesterbrook, PA campus.

Devs, you’re in demand:

Delaware, be aware: JP Morgan Chase has landed on the scene with some most excellent technical opportunities (did you know they had 14 technology hubs worldwide?!):

  • Use your 7+ years experience as an IT BI Developer and Data Analyst to take on the role of BI Developer. Must have strong customer service skills for all of the interfacing with big-wigs you’ll be doing. Smile nice, now.
  • Put your deep knowledge of design, analytics, development, coding, testing and application programming to the test as VP, Kafka Software Engineer.
  • Join an inspiring and curious team in the Software Engineering Group as a Hadoop, Big Data Associate.

The rest

Remember, friends: Always stand tall and let those weird quirks fly. It’s what Knickers would do.

See you next week. Happy job hunting!


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