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Want to hire developers? Learn from Dell Boomi’s sponsorship strategy

Nothing beats hanging with jobseekers IRL. That's why Dell Boomi had a major presence at's NET/WORK jobs fair. Here's how it went.

The crowd at NET/WORK Philly 2015.

(Photo by Neal Santos)

Tech talent is in high demand among hiring organizations in the Philly area.

Dell Boomi knows this firsthand and turned to for help in strategically growing its talent pool. The suburban-based SaaS company, challenged by geographic barriers, sought to engage with top technologists in the city.’s solution: extend recruiting services through hyperlocal event sponsorship and free job postings. In fact, our jobs board has been focused on this for years: creating a digital service that connects companies with top talent.

Below, learn why Dell Boomi put in some serious face time with qualified candidates at Philadelphia’s largest tech jobs fair.

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Companies: Boomi, Dell
Projects: NET/WORK
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