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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: Who Started the Snooze

A brief history of the much-maligned feature.


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Some form of the alarm clock has existed since the 4th century BC, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the dreaded snooze button began to appear on bedside alarm clocks.

The snooze feature was set to nine minutes due to a technical issue. With the small gears of the early alarm clocks, it was easier to program something in the single digits, so even today, you only get nine restful minutes to sleep before being startled by a loud alarm.

Ironically, when General Electric-Telechron released the first clock with a snooze button, the company hailed it as “the world’s most humane alarm clock.”

Anyone who hits the snooze button multiple times in the morning knows the repeated wakeups are anything but humane and can lead to early morning stress and fatigue later in the day.

Still, most of us can’t help but use this feature daily. While you may snooze on your morning routine, you won’t want to sleep on these opportunities.

The News

Mimetic, a partnership between RustBuilt and KRNLS, will help bring technology to agriculture in the region.

Election day is drawing near. Republican candidate Tony Moreno elaborated on his platform via survey, and Ed Gainey sat down to talk about inclusion, workplace development, and STEM education in public schools.


Government incubator program PGH Lab opened applications for its seventh cohort. The incubator, run by the City of Pittsburgh, gives entrepreneurs a leg up and the opportunity to test services with city government.

Leadership Pittsburgh welcomes 48 new members into its Leadership Development Initiative.

The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

Try not to snooze, and we’ll see you here again next week.

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