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This Week in Jobs: Masked Visitors Edition

Exhibits, jobs and more.

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Thou Shalt Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ Twice While Washing Hands

And on the 85th Day, the gift shops reopened. The Museum of the Bible and the International Spy Museum were the first museums in the nation’s capital to reopen Monday. There’s no telling whether either museum had an inside line on the latest pandemic developments — the former via the divine, the latter through documents clandestinely swiped from a health official’s desk — but both will enforce strict precautionary measures while welcoming back visitors, or as the Bible Museum is putting it, the 10 “COVID Commandments.”

Suffice to say the required masks aren’t what “Mission: Impossible” had in mind, but it’s nice to know there’s now a new way to pass the time between sending those cover letters and waiting for a response. Just don’t borrow any ideas from the Spy Museum to try to get an answer.

The News

Camden Partners, the Warnock Foundation, Johns Hopkins and the Baltimore Ravens were among the Baltimore-based organizations to join companies across the U.S. in recognizing Juneteenth on Friday. The holiday celebrates slaves’ emancipation in the U.S., and its recognition by companies reflects just one way organizations can reflect their efforts to reduce inequities and create welcoming and inclusive workplaces. As Ravens President Dick Cass put it in a statement, the day off offers “an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come and on how far we have to go.”

A Virginia health communications startup is in the money: careMesh, based in Reston, recently closed on a $5 million seed funding round led by Assurance Capital and Pavey Family Investments. It’s the first major funding round for the company.

Even as cities such as New York and Washington start to cautiously reopen — and others from Florida to South Carolina throw caution to the wind — federal assistance programs for small businesses are still available and, if you can believe it, more flexible than when first implemented. Businesses that receive federal aid, for example, can use the funds for a longer period than initially planned. Additional support is available, too.

The Jobs


  • The billing and revenue automation platform Ordway is hiring a Full-Stack Developer.
  • For the civically minded, Nava, which calls itself “the only public benefit corporation to work directly with the government,” is seeking a Devops Engineer.
  • Fluxx, which is working to “democratize philanthropy,” is looking for a Product Manager.


  • “Heroism, audacity, curiosity, and excellence” — if that sounds like your core values, Redjack in Silver Spring is hiring a Superhero Apprentice Software Developer.
  • Twilio in Baltimore is seeking a Product Manager–Risk Platform to help protect communications from, ahem, “bad actors who attempt to game the system for nefarious purposes.”
  • Flywheel Digital in Baltimore is looking for an eCommerce Business Manager to  manage strategy, day-to-day catalog work, channel-specific challenges and client relationships.
  • The Baltimore health care tech firm InsightIn is hiring a Data Scientist.


  • Check out this space jam: Orbital Insight, which provides geospatial data and geo­-analytic services to clients, is hiring a Software Engineer in Arlington.
  • If you’re into beanbags, “brainstorming on the glass board,” and working in an office with “toys, beer, and tech” — that is, when we can work in offices again — RoboMQ in McLean is seeking a Software Engineer.
  • SAP in Reston is looking for a Principal Software Engineer.
  • The education firm EAB in Richmond is seeking a Senior Software Engineer.


The End

The Smithsonian Institution’s museums aren’t planning to open until after July 4 at the earliest. The National Zoo, much of which is outdoors, will probably be the first to welcome guests again. Zoo officials though haven’t indicated whether the animals have had any say in the matter.

It’s a jungle out there; good luck out there on the job hunt! Let us know if you get a new gig under quarantine — we love happy endings.


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