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This Week in Jobs DMV: Routine Edition

Game-day snacks, jobs and more.

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Peanut-Butter-Jelly Time

“Triple-double machine” and NBA star Russell Westbrook is apparently fueled by … peanut butter and jelly. The Washington Wizards point guard told GQ that he eats two each game day. Unanswered: Whether he prefers creamy or crunchy.

Chalk one up to the power of routines — onto the jobs!

The News

Digital health is more than just telemedicine — think data security of electronic health records, mobile apps and public health tracking. As the sector rapidly expands, the Chesapeake Digital Health Exchange is working to organize and grow the region’s ecosystem so it becomes the national hub for digital health startups and innovations. Just tell us where to sprinkle the Old Bay.

Cool Job Alert! Healthworx, the innovation and investment arm of health insurer CareFirst, is building a team to drive medical technology towards the future, and work with businesses around the country to do so. Currently, the Canton-based team is hiring for a pair of open positions: innovation strategist and innovation lead.

Today! Our yearly Developers Conference returns as part of our 11th annual Philly Tech Week, presented by Comcast. The virtual event features a cross-section of case studies on technical deployments in real world environments, plus a midday jobs fair. This is no beginner’s course but a place for those curious to see what it looks like under the hood elsewhere to see what you can bring in house. And hey, it’s free.

And this Thursday, for all you HR folks:’s annual Introduced conference returns, bringing together company culture-builders from entrepreneurs to people operations pros. The event is free, and also part of the 11th annual Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast.

D.C.-based Revolution’s Rise of the Rest is hitting the virtual road. It’s hosting a digital Tech Talent Tour for jobseekers next month, connecting folks from Silicon Valley, New York and Boston. Of course, D.C. and Baltimore will also be in the spotlight.

We started this section on Old Bay, and we’re ending it there, too: a three-in-one crab mallet called “The Sheller” took the $30,000 top prize at Salisbury University’s business competition, which brought together entrepreneurs from across D.C. and Maryland. If I had a hammer, etc. etc.

The Jobs





The End

If you need extra incentive to (safely!) head back to the office — or simply take the dog for an extra-long stroll — D.C. is offering free coffee each Monday in May. Shoutout to 730DC for the tip.

Good luck out there on the job hunt!


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