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This Week in Jobs: Find your fit with these 19 career opportunities

The OG returns.

Could your career use a Moment of Zen? (Gif via

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As the search for a new host reached the year mark, “The Daily Show” announced the return of its most popular anchor, Jon Stewart.

Stewart hosted the show for 16 years, forming it into the news satire show we know today.

Stewart will be an interim host once a week while they find a permanent replacement. But when you know a pro, why search any further? With the right qualifications locked in, the next steps are clear.

Looking for a gig that fits your skills? Check out the postings below.

The News

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As a part of’s Pathways to Tech Careers Month, software developer Benjamin Kostenbader explains why mentorship is essential in the tech world.

Pittsburgh said goodbye to a beloved mentor this week. Gerald McGinnis, the namesake of CMU’s McGinnis Venture Competition, passed away at 89.

Mushrooms, meet the Sharks. Baltimore’s vegan bacon startup Meat the Mushroom appeared on last week’s “Shark Tank” episode.

Cybersecurity experts at CMU reported a security breach last week. Here’s why even the pros need to keep an eye on their online safety.

The Jobs

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