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This Week in Jobs DMV: Office Drones Edition

Clicks, whirrs, jobs and more.

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The Dulcet Tones of Duplex Copying

There’s rhythmic raindrops, guided nature meditation — and, now, the soothing sounds of the office. If you’re craving tapping keyboards, whirring copy machines and the hum of commercial HVAC, the people at I Miss the Office have created a space just for you, down to a colleague’s irritating phone buzz. You can adjust the “number of colleagues” from one to 10 — with, thankfully, none of the coughing, sniffling or microwaved tuna fish we’d just as soon forget.

You can also highlight specific sounds, from the water cooler to a coworker’s snacking. We don’t know who in their right might would pick the latter — unless it’s to be reminded that working from home has its perks. Speaking of which, take a look at this week’s job rundown.

The News

Women are increasingly the breadwinners in their families, yet only a third with male partners say that they share an equal role in their families’ financial decisions — fewer still say they play the leading role. This trend is especially pronounced among millennial women compared to their older counterparts.’s Off the Sidelines podcast will dive into this trend — and how women can actively invest their wealth — in a rare live podcast today at 1 p.m. Eastern. Registration is free.

Politics has pervaded virtually every aspect of our lives. That means business leaders have to decide how they’ll allow — and set boundaries on — political talk at the office. Tune into the latest TWIJ Show to hear expert insight on this ever-touchy subject from consultants Anthony Vaughn and Angela Howard, cofounders of E1B2.

Meet the 20 most influential technologists in Baltimore. RealLIST Engineers returned for its second year today, honoring the technology leaders solving pressing problems every day. Honorees range from Craig Addison, founder of the tech-inclusion nonprofit Byte Back, to Sandra Koranteng, quality assurance tester and accessibility expert at the tech agency Mindgrub.

And, meet 16 influential technologists in the D.C. region, too: Those RealLIST Engineers represent the likes of the U.S. Digital Service agency, Ordway, Booz Allen Hamilton and Framebridge.

The Jobs





The End

If you prefer your office circa-1995, you can “relive the excitement of connecting to the internet with the noise of a 56k modem.” Let’s hope your internet speed isn’t stuck in the ‘90s.

Good luck out there on the job hunt!


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