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This Week in Jobs DMV: Game On

Get off the Internet Bowser and take a break.

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You’re Super (Mario)!

Sometimes, we put too many expectations on ourselves. It’s important to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while and remember that we’re only human.

It’s especially important to remember that when you see what a robot developed by a group of University of Maryland students can do. Beating a level of Super Mario Brothers in 90 seconds flat is no small feat. And these students hope to develop the robot into a useful device for medical procedures.

So the next time you’re beating yourself up over struggles with job hunting, just remember that you must go easy on yourself and be patient. You can even play a game to relax. At least you’re not expected to perform surgery any time soon.

The News reporter Donte Kirby is hosting an interview series discussing lessons from the pandemic year with tech leaders. Check out the first episode.

Philadelphia-founded delivery company The Rounds is bringing its eco-friendly service to D.C.

It’s never too early to take interest in STEM. And Baltimore-based Building STEPS looks to expedite that process by working with students from high school throughout their college careers to expose them to STEM opportunities.

The Financial Technology Association recently hired its first CEO, Penny Lee. Find out what she has planned for the organization.

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