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This Week in Jobs DMV: Round the Bases

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It’s “Shotime”

If this is your first time seeing the name Shohei Ohtani, welcome to the club. I’m a prestigious one-week member. Ohtani has been setting Major League Baseball on fire recently, hitting home runs nearly every game and striking out opposing batters with ease too. There hasn’t been a player that can both pitch and hit this consistently since … Babe Ruth.

I’m not a big baseball historian, but I’d say that’s decent company. I have to admit that I’m not even a baseball fan, actually. But what’s drawn me to check out Ohtani is his versatility. Being consistently great at multiple things is always impressive. Here’s hoping Ohtani can keep this run going — and spark some inspiration for your job search.

You may not have hit 16 homers in 21 games, but be sure to show off your own versatility in your applications. Well-rounded skills can help you stand out and get drafted for your next major gig.

Now, let’s check out some news.

The News

ID Technologies recently acquired Columbia-based cybersecurity company Attila Security in an effort to expand its presence near federal government cybersecurity headquarters.

Banking behemoth Capital One announced it’s looking to bring on 3,000 new technologists by the end of 2021.

Check out the D.C.-area companies that have helped the city raise $1.27 billion just halfway through the year, keeping D.C. on a record-setting pace for venture capital funding.

This guest post from Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore president and CEO Michele Whelley outlines how the region aims to be a clean energy leader. is now publishing daily reporting in Pittsburgh, and a newsletter is on its way. Keep up to date with all the latest headlines from the Pennsylvania city here.

The Jobs





The End

Hit your next interview out of the park.

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