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This Week in Jobs: Buzzy new gigs

Remember murder hornets?

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Bee Careful

Can we just circle back to something real quick? In May, headlines were abuzz with news about “murder hornets” invading America. And then they just … stopped.

What does it mean? Are murder hornets “so last month” and no one told us? Can we proceed as if there is no risk of a two-inch killer with a fatal stinger flying around bee-heading entire hives of honeybees?

Or should we be begging Lucius Fox to invent a prototype of technical fabrics resistant to pandemic-grade viruses and extra strength bees? Oh, and let’s not forget to ask if he can make them in honeybee sizes, as well. Those ba-bees need our help.

More importantly, should we stop adding “bee” to everything in an effort to “bee” cute? Probably.

Let’s just move onto the jobs.

The News

In the latest episode of The TWIJ Show, we hear from two diversity and cultural competency experts on how to talk about race at work. President of diversity consulting firm Cultured Enuf, Jael K.D.L.V. Chambers, and diversity and inclusion trainer, Alyssa Vásquez, walk host Chris Wink through short-term starts for building long-term change at the office. Take a listen!

Another day in quarantine, another sweet virtual conference. Since having to shift gears from its annual live events, Philly Tech Week is pairing up with WhatsNext — a virtual biz conference specifically curated for startup and emerging growth companies, as well as angel, venture capital and private equity investors from — from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 24, for the next phase of its PTW20 Virtual Summer Series.

And also, take a look at how Philly’s Shannon Morales is helping Black and Latinx technologists get hired by starting Philadelphia’s chapter of Techqueria, an organization to support and create space for Latinx people in the local tech industry, and Philly Hires Black, a pledge for tech companies to hire more Black individuals.

The Jobs


The End

Thanks for bee-ing here with us this morning. Sorry, seriously stopping now.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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