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Open Data Philly, Media Mobilizing Project up for Philadelphia News Awards

The two groups are in the running for Best Non-Traditional News Provider of the Year.

A look at 2016's best muckrackers (Photo by Flickr user Jon S, under a Creative Commons license)

By all accounts, the next four years will be a very, er, interesting time to be a journo.
As if there weren’t enough transformation in media already, a Trump presidency will call for journalism’s finest hour. And since it will likely be local journalism where most of the heavy lifting will need to happen, the public is called more than ever to get in touch with their friendly neighborhood muckrakers.
In that light, what better way to empower that tool of democracy than with a ceremony heralding the best practices in Philly journalism? Lucky for you, that’s what the annual Philadelphia News Awards are all about.
Hosted by the nation’s oldest press club, Latimer Street’s Pen & Pencil Club, the ceremony offers a yearly snapshot of the media landscape.
The contributors to open data portal Open Data Philly and the team behind nonprofit Media Mobilizing Project, both staples in our coverage, are in the running for Best Non-Traditional News Provider of 2016.
Vote by Dec. 2.
Also:’s very own associate editor Juliana Reyes is among the nominees for Best Business Reporter of 2016. Lead reporter Tony Abraham, of our sister site Generocity, was also honored with a spot among those nominated for Best Community Reporting of 2016.
RSVP to the Dec. 15 awards ceremony and party here.
Here are some of the categories we’re keeping an extra eye on:

Best Social Media Use

  • Sofiya Ballin, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Molly Seavy Nesper, Fresh Air with Terry Gross (NPR/WHYY)
  • Dan Levy, Billy Penn
  • Victor Fiorillo, Philadelphia magazine
  • Scott Charles, Health advocate

Best Community Reporting of 2016

  • Tony Abraham,
  • Alfred Lubrano, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Aubrey Whelan, Philadelphia Daily News
  • Ernest Owens, Philadelphia magazine
  • Avi Wolfman Arent, WHYY

Best Freelance Reporter of 2016

  • Jon Hurdle, New York Times, others
  • Emma Restrepo, Al Dia, freelance
  • Steve Volk
  • Joe Kaczmarek
  • Max Marin

Best Non-Traditional News Provider of 2016

  • Randy LoBasso, Bicycle Coalition Blog
  • Eric Gripp, Philadelphia Police
  • The Temple DNC News Bureau
  • Contributors to Open Data Philly
  • Media Mobilizing Project

Best Business Journalist of 2016

  • Juliana Reyes,
  • Jacob Adelman, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Jane M. Von Bergen, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Joe DiStefano, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Kenneth Hilario, Philadelphia Business Journal

Best Philadelphia Reporter of 2016

  • Dave Davies, WHYY
  • Mark Dent, Billy Penn
  • Jared Brey, Philadelphia magazine
  • Barbara Laker, Philadelphia Daily News
  • Chris Brennan, Philadelphia Inquirer
Companies: The Philadelphia Inquirer / Billy Penn / Generocity / Media Mobilizing Project / New York Times / Philadelphia Business Journal / Philadelphia Magazine / Temple University / WHYY /

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