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TransitScreen launches its first mobile app

The public transit tech company said CityMotion will include transportation options from metro trains to bikes and scooters.

TransitScreen's CityMotion app.

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TransitScreen is going mobile with CityMotion, an app that integrates public and private transit data, providing a location-based, over-arching look at nearby transportation options like the next Metro train, the closest Byrd scooter, Uber, or even a company’s private shuttle.

TransitScreen started out making displays showing transit data that hang in corporate buildings and apartment complexes. The app represents a new approach to showing the data that makes it accessible in the palm of one’s hands. But what makes CityMotion stand out from the current pool of transit apps?

“There’s really two major parts to it. One is, it really brings the simplicity of TransitScreen to the mobile experience,” Matt Caywood, TransitScreen CEO told Technical.ly. “And we have more data than everyone else. We got all the public transportation of course, all live and real-time, all the shared economy, e-scooters and electornic bikes, but then we also are bringing in all this private transportation.”

The transit data company said in a blog post that the iOS and Android-friendly mobile app will feature a lot of the same TransitScreen options that found on the company’s screens. The app’s recommendations are designed to improve the more it’s used.

Since the app is curated for a specific transportation experience, apartment buildings and offices with CityMotion will allow residents and employees to access messages from property managers directly within the app.

Caywood said the app has been in the works for about six months now and it was built internally by TransitScreen team members. TransitScreen piloted the mobile app with corporate workplaces and apartments, with about 10,000 users in each group.

If you’re interested in downloading the CityMotion app, you’ll be prompted for a five-digit code when you try to do so. You can find this code on the TransitScreen in a lobby, or email ​mobile@transitscreen.com​ for further assistance.

As the new app launches and the team continues to grow, Caywood said the company is looking at possibly expanding its current office space in D.C.

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