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Join the new Tech Industry Partnership Slack channel to talk diversifying Philly’s talent pipeline

Then mark your calendar for June 14, when Technical.ly will host an AMA with the Department of Commerce's Tempest Carter to discuss the City’s plan for our tech industry.

At the May 2023 Tech Industry Partnership meeting. (Photo by Torian Studios)

This article appears as part of the Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative and is underwritten by the City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce. It was independently reported and not reviewed by this partner before publication.

Technical.ly is launching a new channel in our public Slack meant to gather leaders from our community who care about hiring trends, diversity in tech, and how government, hiring companies and workforce development professionals can come together to strengthen our talent pipeline.

Last month, we at Technical.ly hosted our first Tech Industry Partnership meeting for this year during the 13th annual Philly Tech Week where we dove into the topic of early-career tech talent. The Tech Industry Partnership is a collaboration between the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce and Technical.ly, connecting the government to employers to ensure all stakeholders in Philadelphia’s thriving tech industry have a clear say in its future.

With representation from hiring companies such as Comcast, Lockheed Martin and CubeSmart; bootcamp programs including LaunchCode and Tech Elevator; universities such as Penn and Temple; and civic boosters such as The Enterprise Center and Philadelphia Opportunities Industrialization Center, we spent the hour exchanging ideas, sharing resources and expressing communal pain points.

What became abundantly clear was that the conversation was far from over.

In the new Tech Industry Partnership Slack channel, we’ll be regularly sharing upcoming events, tech trends and timely stories that have passed through our newsroom to keep that conversation going. And to celebrate the launch, we’ll be kicking off a recurring “Ask Me Anything” series that will feature a different industry leader each month.

The channel’s first AMA event, to be held Wednesday, June 14, from 12 to 12:30 p.m., will feature Tempest Carter, director of strategic tech initiatives at Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce. For 30 minutes, you’ll be able to directly ask Carter about upcoming Commerce initiatives and how it relates to the tech community, gain insight on the City’s plan for our tech industry, and connect to other tech leaders.

Want to join this network? You can join Technical.ly’s public Slack and find us in the ‘tech-industry-partnership’ channel.

Join the Technical.ly Slack

Technical.ly will also host our next (virtual!) Tech Industry Partnership meeting on Aug. 8 via Zoom. Email debora@technical.ly to receive your invite.

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