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Listen to Girl Develop It executive director Corinne Warnshuis on the CodeNewbie podcast

Warnshuis talks about how to be a good ally and how the diversity movement has inspired her.

Corinne Warnshuis on Fremont's Peak in California. (Photo by Michael Kappeler)

Corinne Warnshuis, the Philly-based executive director of Girl Develop It, was recently interviewed on the CodeNewbie podcast.
“She talks to us about her mission to make coding more accessible to women, how to be a good ally, and how the diversity movement in tech has impacted her work,” the description reads.
CodeNewbie started out as a Twitter chat to support budding developers in their journey to learn how to code and grew into a podcast and online forum. It’s run by New York City-based thoughtbot developer Saron Yitbarek.
As for Warnshuis, she spends a lot of time repping Girl Develop It at conferences around the country (as well as fundraising for the nonprofit). Most recently, she attended the Women in Technology Summit in San Jose.


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