Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

What should the tech community learn about accessibility?

For Accessibility month of Technical.ly's editorial calendar, we're putting together an overview of important terms to know. Here's how to help.

Inside Overbrook School for the Blind, where 185 students receive training on tech-accessibility tools.

(Photo by Roberto Torres)

It’s May, the month when we at Technical.ly celebrate both Philly Tech Week in our HQ city and Accessibility month of our editorial calendar.

A quick recap of the year’s editorial calendar coverage so far:

We’re defining “accessibility” as the design of technology — products, devices, services, environments — that is inclusive of as many groups of people as possible. Our reporting this month might include an explainer on how to build a more universally usable website, a profile on a notable local advocate or a deep dive into how inclusive — of all abilities and qualities — your city’s tech meetups really are.

Some past reporting on the topic:

This month, we’ve already published one story as part of the theme, on some of the ways Philly tech orgs are trying to make their spaces more accessible. Want to pitch a story or get featured in our coverage this month? Learn more here.


We’re also planning a roundup explainer of accessibility terms to know — think person-first language and assistive technology — for the end of the month, as we did with cybersecurity in both D.C. and Baltimore in April. Send us your ideas for inclusion:

Suggest an accessibility term for definition -30-
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