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Our 10 most-read stories of 2016

Join us in reliving a year spent telling #dctech stories.

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As 2016 draws to a close it’s time to imagine what 2017 has in store, but also look back at the year that was. In this spirit, we’ve rounded up 10 of our most-read stories of 2016 to share (or re-share, rather). From news to profiles to lists, here’s what caught your attention this year:

  1. These 20 DC tech companies are hiring right now
    Job news is all kinds of popular. This post coincided with our March NET/WORK jobs fair — and good news, that’s making a comeback in 2017 (March 29, to be exact). Keep your eyes peeled for the word on who’s hiring.
  2. How 3 Deaf siblings, and a friend, created an ASL learning app
    Four graduates of the local Gallaudet University created a simple, intuitive and accessible mobile app for learning sign language. They also created an ASL sticker pack for iMessage and won big at our first annual D.C. Innovation Awards earlier this month.
  3. What happens when Uber moves offices? Some drivers don’t get the memo
    2016 saw some confusion among local Uber drivers as to where, exactly, the company’s driver support offices are. We looked into it.
  4. It’s time to vote for the winners of our first annual DC Innovation Awards
    You voted, you came, we partied. Enough said.
  5. DC now has 2 options for chef-prepared meal delivery
    We explored what San Francisco-based meal delivery service Munchery’s expansion to D.C. means for locally-grown option Galley. Perhaps 2017 will yield some more answers on how the two are competing against, or complementing, each other in this particular marketplace.
  6. This new DC zoning map is a treasure trove of city data
    Y’all like maps. Even very intense, zoning data maps.
  7. Sworkit lands huge deal on ‘Shark Tank’
    Two local founders won big on “Shark Tank,” enticing a $1.5 million investment out of Mark Cuban. Ultimately, though, the deal fell through over various disagreements between the parties.
  8. A DC hobbyist let us in on this low-tech trick to ensure your car doesn’t get stolen
    Simple, cool tech and news you can use! What’s not to like?
  9. DCFemTech honors 52 ‘Powerful’ women in programming and design
    DCFemTech expanded its yearly awards event to include female designers in 2016, and the talent on this list is just stunning.
  10. This DC designer created another way to visualize the metro closures
    This story has it all — data, SafeTrack and some musing on what it takes to tell a good story.


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