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This new First State Insights podcast spotlights remote work

The Future of Remote Work explores the impact of a workplace shift that, for many, will remain after COVID-19 eases.

Podcast time. (Photo by Pexels user Magda Ehlers, used under a Creative Commons license)

One of the biggest shifts in the workplace since March 2020 has been the (often mandated) rise of remote work. Whereas before, a day of working from home was an occasional perk for snow days or for mornings when the car doesn’t start, it’s now become the way a lot of Delawareans get their jobs done every day — and for many, it will stay that way.

University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration and First State Insights has launched a new podcast with producers and co-hosts Sean O’NeillSarah Pragg and Troy Mix: The Future of Remote Work gives a regional perspective on remote work and office space trends.

The series grew out of an episode of First State Insights featuring Trinity Logistics President Sarah Ruffcorn on managing remote work; that’s now the first episode of The Future of Remote Work.

The latest episode features a conversation with Ryan Conner, a principal with Tactix Real Estate Advisors, which assists tenants and other end-users of commercial real estate. Topics covered in this October interview include how companies and organizations are reconsidering their space needs in light of remote work, forecasted changes in the commercial real estate sector, and prospects for Delaware’s economic recovery from the pandemic.

Among the upcoming guests is Dr. Adam Ozimek, chief economist at Upwork, who predicts that 36.2 million Americans will work remotely by 2025, up from 16.8 million before the pandemic.

The Future of Remote Work can be found on Soundcloud and standard podcast platforms. If you have ideas for future episodes, there’s an interest form you can fill out.

Series: How to Work Remotely

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