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Philly just helped Seattle get a better Comcast franchise deal

Just as it was about to approve its 10-year Comcast franchise deal, Seattle caught wind of Philly's deal and used it to bargain for more.

Seattle, anyone? (Photo by Flickr user @lempelziv, used under a Creative Commons license)
Full disclosure: Comcast was the title sponsor of Philly Tech Week 2015, which was organized by's events team.

Philadelphia’s proposed Comcast franchise deal is already making waves nationally.
The City of Seattle was slated to approve its own 1o-year Comcast agreement last Monday, but upon hearing of the terms of the City of Philadelphia’s 15-year Comcast agreement, which drastically expands internet access for low-income Philadelphians, Seattle went back to Comcast to ask for more, according to a Seattle Times report.
“Having seen the commitment toward equity and affordability in Philadelphia, we believe the people of Seattle deserve the same level of commitment from Comcast,” reads a letter from Seattle Mayor Edward Murray and Councilman Bruce Harrell to Comcast.
It worked.
Over the weekend, Seattle secured an expansion of Comcast’s low-cost internet option to include low-income senior citizens, plus a larger digital equity grant and a commitment from Comcast to help housing-insecure youth get laptops.
Comcast itself described Philly’s franchise deal as “unprecedented.” Will it now set a precedent for other franchises across the country?
After nearly a year of negotiations, Philly’s Comcast franchise deal is up for a City Council vote this Thursday.

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