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New Castle County police are piloting body cameras

Attorney General Matt Denn said the goal is for every police officer throughout the state to eventually wear one.

An officer models a body camera. (Photo by Flickr user Utility, Inc., used under a Creative Commons license)

New Castle County criminals: say cheese!
It’s been about a year in the making, but police officers in the county are now piloting body cameras. According to Attorney General Matt Denn, the goal is for every officer in the state to eventually wear one.
“This is one clear way to show these officers are out there doing the best they can,”┬áCounty Police Chief Col. Elmer M. Setting told the News Journal.
According to New Castle County Executive Thomas P. Gordon, the cameras are not a reaction to a national increase in incidents involving white officers and black citizens, but a step towards establishing trust and transparency.
The move follows the signing of an executive order by Wilmington mayor Dennis Williams in May, which commissioned a study of body cameras, as well as a push from the Governor’s office.
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