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This map shows Jill Stein outpolled Trump in several districts, so don’t blame Brooklyn

This pretty sweet map from DNAinfo takes you through the vote totals of every district in the city.

DNAinfo made a pretty dang good map using CARTO, which you can check out here, and we’ve gone ahead and dug out some of the most interesting data from it
Overall in Kings County, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump 79 percent to 18 percent. Trump support came from the Hasidic part of South Williamsburg, Breezy Point, Borough Park, where in each neighborhood he outpolled Clinton.
But for much of the rest of the borough it was Clinton City. In some assembly districts, the Trump turnout was … low. In Assembly District 58, in East Flatbush, Trump got 5 votes to Clinton’s 658. In Assembly District 56, in Bedford-Stuyvesent, Trump mustered just 11 votes to Clinton’s 508. Indeed, he was well out-polled by socialist candidate Jill Stein, who drew 17 votes.
In Bushwick, Assembly District 53 Stein actually doubled Trump’s vote, pulling in 30 votes, or 5 percent of that district’s voters to just 15, or 2.5 percent for The Donald. Clinton won the remaining 90 percent of that district’s votes.
Gary Johnson was a non-factor, with Stein polling above him nearly everywhere. The only places Johnson made any dent, and we’re using that word generously, were in District 50 by McCarren Park, where he was over 2 percent and in Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill District 52.
Otherwise it was Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.
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